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Honda motorcycle lowering kits

Lowering the suspension of your motorcycle using lowering kits is a cost efficient way to reduce seat height on your Honda. It is also a proven method on the drag-strip to get quicker starts off the line.
Lowering the rear suspension lowers the seat height and the center of gravity. If your bike is to tall for you reducing the seat height is essential to be able to handle the bike with confidence. You will enjoy riding your bike more than ever before. Why tip-toe in traffic lights and being afraid of dropping the bike every time you come to a stop? When the issue can be easily resolved with a Lust Racing lowering kit.
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Suspension lowering kits for Honda motorcycles

Lust Racing lowering kits are developed and tested to keep the handling of the bike neutral. When the rear suspension is lowered the front wheel trail increases. By lowering the front forks by adjusting the fork legs upwards in the triple clamps the front wheel trail is reduced and the handling is kept as close as from factory as possible. Lust Racing lowering kits are supplied with installation instructions to ensure correct installation. Some are afraid a lowering kit may have a negative impact on the handling of the bike. However lowering the bike lowers also the center of gravity and the handling can even be improved with a lowering kit compared to the stock bike. In racing circles it is a well known fact that lowering the center of gravity will improve the handling and performance of the bike. That is why all drag-bikes are lowered as you will gain quicker starts off the line. Is there any trade offs with a lowering kit? Depending on how much the bike is lowered the side-stand may have to be modified or shortened. Footpegs will be closer to the ground so possible lean angles can be slightly reduced. However, you have to lean a bike to the extremes before this becomes an issue, unless you ride like Marquez with the elbow down you are not likely to be affected by reduced clearance at all - knee-downs does not cause any issue even after lowering unless you are scraping your footpegs in the bends on the stock bike. Overall the benefits of a lowering kit outweights by far the drawbacks for shorter riders.

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