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We have a wide range of lowering links for Yamaha motorcycles in stock.
Yamaha lowering kits. YZF-R1 lowering link

Yamaha lowering kits 

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Lowering links reduces the seat height on your Yamaha motorcycle. The lowering is done by replacing the suspension links in the multi link rear suspension linkage. This is a very popular modification to lower the seat height to allow shorter riders to reach the ground with both feet and improve their ability to handle the bike. Lowering links are also commonly used in drag-racing to improve the rear wheel traction and increase high speed stability. The seat height of motorcycles has increased almost 3 inches over a decade so even riders of normal length might find their bike a bit to high to be comfortable with it. Lowering links is a cost efficient solution to this common problem. But not all lowering links are made to the highest specifications. The suspension linkage is one of the most stressed parts on your motorcycle. We offer therefore only top quality lowering links from Lust Racing leading manufacturer of parts and accessories. These links are made in special steel and engineered to last the life-time of your motorcycle.

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